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Stonar is one of the nicer deities -- he doesn't demand many deaths.
Evolution vs Masonism, teach the controversy.


In a surprise announcement today, UK Health minister Rev. Paedo Prayermonger announced
plans to replace the National Health Service with a system based upon prayer. As of tomorrow,
over one thousand hospitals will be demolished and the land sold off to help pay for government
mistakes. Where each hospital once stood, a small area will be set aside for a wooden shed
containing a prayer mat and a book of common prayer. Only a few private hospitals will
remain open, in order to offer so called,'medical science' based alternative healing, for
those who are gullible enough and still wealthy enough to afford it.


As long as the priests of ignorance try to profit from superstition and scientific illiteracy,
the atheist voice will continue to grow and spread and speak out.
Even a holy war will be unable to suppress it now.


Little children don’t spontaneously believe in a god, they have to be brainwashed first.
Introducing ‘Creationism’ into the science class allows this brainwashing to reach children
that it wouldn’t normally reach. When they grow up, they’ll all send vile hate mail to Richard Dawkins.


Are you ready for this?
Are you?
Are you?

Then kiss my big, pink, Christian popsicle!


On the BBC's Stargazing Live - Dara O'Briain and Prof. Brian Cox joked about astrology being
a load of rubbish. The Astrological Association of Great Britain petitioned the BBC demanding
that they make a public apology and issue a statement that they do not support the personal
views of Professor Brian Cox or Dara O'Briain on the subject of astrology.
Mmmm, science is just an opinion -- while astrology has a vast body of empirical evidence to
back it up!I think I'll just go roll in some nettles.


In a sausage land far, far way, lived a sausage people beset with financial problems.
Their bankers, while preoccupied with determining the size of their own annual bonus,
had neglected to keep an eye on the financial markets. The result was a financial
catastrophe of global proportions. Ninety nine percent of all sausages suffered in some way,
many undergoing great hardship. On the ‘up’ side, the bankers were able to determine that
their bonus should be at least double that of the year before.


We think that we're smart and sophisticated but can we really tell the difference between
stoats and weasels? Ummmm... I think not, my hairy, pointy nosed little friend.

The sausage people know more about stoats and weasels than any other race on earth.
And Dr Sarah Palin-Gestalt is their foremost authority. Let her guide you through
their many subtle differences, so that you too may become an expert.


OK, I’m aware of the song’s shortcomings. This version went through some pretty brutal editing to pare
it down to a usable length. In the end, I just went with the simple theme that there are alternatives to the
‘terror’ weapon – if you have the imagination.

In reality, of course, this may not be strictly true but that would have to be a whole other song.
And, of course, one man’s ‘freedom fighter’ is another man’s ‘terrorist’ – which again, is a whole other song.


United Nations - bringing peace to our world (actual results may vary).


An excerpt from: Food Chain - from plankton to Vogon.
This low down in the food chain, everything tastes like mud!


This is based on the short rhyme by Augustus DeMorgan 1806-1871.
DeMorgan was a great mathematician. Unfortunately, he lived in a time when people were
too preoccupied with fleas to notice his gift. So he took to writing poetry about fleas,
but even then, Mary Shelly criticised him for not writing about fleas that had eyes instead of nipples.
In the end, he returned to mathematics a broken and flea ridden man.


I cannot emphasize enough, how much titillation an ocelot requires.
Please pay full attention to this video and be prepared to act
but also be sure to obtain full permission before attempting this manoeuvre.


No comment!


How can creationists question science when they believe stuff like this?


Some people still prefer to get their lunch in the form of big blubbery sea mammals.
Om nom nom, whale meat - eats like beef, burps like fish.

I made this animation just so I could use some of the music created by James Tubbritt of IA Studios,
that I downloaded free from www.fxhome.com/sounds (to hell with the plight of the whales).
Yes, I know the quality of the music far outweighs the quality of the animation but hey ho.

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