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Bongo Reef Pictures
Bongo Reef is nothing to do with me. I just put them here because I like them.

They produce high quality, award winning HD and super8 short film dramas on a shoestring, drawing on talented people from within the film and tv industry who are keen to explore doing something a bit different.

Bongo Reef films are shown at international film festivals around the world and are made by a small independent movie production company run by Paul Olding.


Winner - Best Picture - Rob Knox Film Festival 2009.
In the back of a London Taxi, the driver bears witness to four separate encounters.
A couple discuss their chess moves on the way to the hospital. A woman leaves
her husband for her lover. A man debates his life with his inner woman. And a spotty teen
boy waits to take his girlfriend to Prom night. Ordinary people, ordinary lives.
He’s not here to judge them, he’s just here to drive.


Debut HD short film from Bongo Reef Pictures starring Dudley Sutton.
The old man will not stop searching, until he finds his treasure.


Second HD short film by Bongo Reef Pictures.
A mother and her two grown-up daughters get ready for Grandma's Funeral.
But will they ever get that skirt on? Based on a true story.


Staring Dudley Sutton, Heather Rome and Angela Bull, and introducing Vic Greenway.
Music by Grant Olding. Screenplay Howard Rayner.


A short super8 film about a boy who wishes for a friend.


A STRAIGHT8 super8 film which was the Bongo Reef entry to the 2010 Straight8 competition.
Shot linear (no editing) on one roll of Tri X Kodak super8 film stock.
Premiered at Rushes Soho Shorts 2010.


A woman runs through the forest.
Who is she running from?
Where is she running to?
Read the scream.

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